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Bugs & Drugs in Pork: Yersinia and Ractopamine

Michael Greger MD | April 25, 2013 | Health

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Consumer Reports recently released a study in which they analyzed U.S. retail pork and found trace levels of an adrenaline-like drug called ractopamine in about 20 percent of the samples and a foodborne bacteria that sickens nearly 100,000 Americans every year called Yersina in......


Drugs & Bugs in Pork: Ractopamine and Yersinia

Michael Greger MD | November 29, 2012 | Health

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Earlier this year, China rejected 200,000 pounds of pork from the United States after discovering residues in the meat of an adrenaline-like drug called ractopamine, which is fed to U.S. pigs (Paylean™) and turkeys (Topmax™) as a growth promoter to......