All The Blogs -- September 2012

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

If Happiness is the Mission, Stay Positive

Walter Jacobson, M.D. | September 30, 2012 | Lifestyle, Video

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"Accentuate the positive" is more than a catchy cliche or song lyric. It is wisdom. It is therapeutic. It is self-actualizing. It contributes substantially to the foundation of one's happiness and success. A corollary of this: As best you can,...

Michael Greger MD

Is Caffeinated Tea Really Dehydrating?

Michael Greger MD | September 27, 2012 | Health

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Phytonutrients exclusive to the tea plant appear so powerful that they can reverse disease even when just applied to the skin. Now officially incorporated into the Centers for Disease Control STD Treatment Guidelines, the topical application of green tea...

John Davis

Throwing the lion to the Christians - Veg*ism and Religion

John Davis | September 26, 2012 | International

I have absolutely no religious inclinations at all - which might have made me an odd choice for a speaker at a conference of the Christian Vegetarian Association UK (CVAUK) back in August 2010. As IVU Manager, I try to treat...

J Morris Hicks

How many PhDs does it take to change a light bulb...

J Morris Hicks | September 25, 2012 | Health

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  or to figure out what we should be eating?   With thousands working on it already; maybe we should challenge their methodology of study---because what they're telling us is not working.Three articles caught my attention this week and my...

Jess Parsons

Eying up the Bates Method

Jess Parsons | September 24, 2012 | Health

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Our son says he can't always see words on the board at school, and from my informal checks, he seems indeed to have lost clear vision at a distance. As some of my family are very nearsighted, and I am...

Chef AJ

Meet the Chef and The Dietitian LIVE!!! (and Pineapple UNfried rice)

Chef AJ | September 23, 2012

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Come meet us live at Healthy Taste of LA on Sunday, November 4th.  You can also hear our keynote speaker Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr and leading authority on emotional eating Dr. Roger Gould.  Enjoy the food of celebrity chefs...

Michael Greger MD

Why Meat Causes Inflammation

Michael Greger MD | September 20, 2012 | Health

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The anti-inflammatory effect of plant-based diets is about more than just the power of plants. It's also the avoidance of animal foods. In my Care2 column last week, Dietary Treatment for Crohn's Disease, I profiled the extraordinary power of...

John Davis

East Meets West and West Eats Meat - Veg*ism and Music

John Davis | September 19, 2012 | Celebrities, International

[updated for 2012] As a musician myself, I had often noticed that there seemed to be a lot of other veg musicians around. So a couple of years ago I did some historical research and put the results online. I...

J Morris Hicks

Slashing the cost of health care in businesses...

J Morris Hicks | September 18, 2012 | Health

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Anywhere from 10% to 50%---depending on leadership Background. For most businesses in the United States, disease and the cost of health care is a huge problem. Not only does "disease care" cost a lot of money, it also takes its...

Janice Stanger, PhD

The Paleo Diet Dangers and Distortions

Janice Stanger, PhD | September 15, 2012 | Health

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Still Another "High-Protein" Diet Threatens Your Health The Paleo Diet can hook you with its story. This "cave man" diet promises to reunite you with your ancestors from 2.5 million years ago through the simple act of eating meat. In...

Jess Parsons

Happy Vegan Hunting - 9 Frugal Secondhand Investments

Jess Parsons | September 15, 2012 | Lifestyle

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I'm an avid secondhand shopper. Here are some winning vegan goodies that you can always find in the secondhand shops. For similar reasons, these are also items you might score from Freecycle - if you haven't signed up yet, what...

Michael Greger MD

Treating Crohn's Disease With Diet

Michael Greger MD | September 13, 2012 | Health

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Inflammation has recently emerged as an important player in the development of age-related disability and many of our major chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease. Now that laboratory tests such as C-reactive protein have been...

Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

The Missing Piece Of The American Healthcare Conversation

Dustin Rudolph, PharmD | September 12, 2012 | Health

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It's an all to often occurrence in my line of work as a hospital pharmacist to hear other healthcare professionals talking to patients about how they can treat their ailments. This almost always involves a reference to the latest procedure...

John Davis

Wild Food Foraging, and the Veg Cookery School

John Davis | September 12, 2012 | International

Last week I had the opportunity to join the staff of the Vegetarian Society UK on their team-building day out, learning about foraging for food in the wild, then cooking it. As a trustee (board member) of the society it...

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Practice Forgiveness to Heal Yourself & Save the Planet

Walter Jacobson, M.D. | September 9, 2012 | Lifestyle

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The world is having a nervous breakdown. Despite incredible technological advances and mind-boggling innovations that make it easier for us to communicate and cooperate with each other, there is more miscommunication and divisiveness than ever before. Why? Because we have...

J Morris Hicks

Poetry, quantum physics, vegan diet---and the NFL?

J Morris Hicks | September 9, 2012 | Celebrities

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Not your typical stereotype of a professional football player Appearing on CBS This Morning (9-5-12) was the "NFL's Most Interesting Man,"Arian Foster of the Houston Texans. Not drafted after playing for the University of Tennessee, Arian thought at first that his...

Michael Greger MD

Antioxidants in a Pinch: Dried Herbs and Spices

Michael Greger MD | September 6, 2012 | Health

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In the Washington, DC area we are blessed with more than a dozen farmers' markets. One local farm I frequent has a hydroponic greenhouse, so I can get fresh basil all year long. I've always been curious, though, how...

J Morris Hicks

The constancy of confusion about food & health...

J Morris Hicks | September 6, 2012 | Health

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 ...makes a Herculean task --- that much more daunting. In the past week, there have been lots of news reports about organic foods and whether or not they're worth the additional cost to consumers. Since half of those "organic" foods...

John Davis

Go Veg - and see the World!

John Davis | September 5, 2012 | International

[updated September 2012] The main reason for the creation of the International Vegetarian Union, way back in 1908, was simply to help veg*ns in different countries communicate with each other.  This was done mostly by exchanging newsletters, journals and personal...