All The Blogs -- October 2010

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

My Past Life Regression Therapy Training With Dr. Brian Weiss - Part 1

Walter Jacobson, M.D. | October 31, 2010 | Lifestyle

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The premise of Past Life Regression Therapy is that there is a part of our mind that knows the cause of our physical or emotional distress and knows what the solution is as well. The goal of Past Life Regression...

Vegan Vagabond

A veg*n refuge - Green Vegetarian Cafe in San Antonio

Vegan Vagabond | October 30, 2010 | Food

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As I travel around for work, mostly in the Central US, I have grown accustomed to expect the worst when it comes to dining options in certain areas. Springfield, MO, Fargo, ND, and anywhere in Texas outside of Houston, Austin,...

Chef AJ

Sugar Free RAW Cranberry Sauce with Dr. Furhman!!!

Chef AJ | October 29, 2010 | Food, Health

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Watch "The Chef and The Dietitian" make a simple 3 ingredient Cranberry Relish with Dr. Joel Fuhrman in time for the holidays.  Who knew Dr. Furhman was such a terrific actor?  And see, you can have MUSCLES and a plant...

Bryanna Clark Grogan


Bryanna Clark Grogan | October 28, 2010 | Food, International

Read More: baked doughnuts, drop doughnuts, Halloween, Peruvian, picarones, pumpkin

  HAPPY VEGAN HALLOWEEN!  Baked Pumpkin DoughnutsJust a quick post to give you a couple of our favorite Halloween doughnut recipes.  I don't know why, but I've always made doughnuts on Halloween!  We live so far in the "boonies" that...

Gail Davis

How Now, Dr. Cow?

Gail Davis | October 25, 2010 | Food

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Let the wine and cheese party begin! I've been talking about how good Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheeses sound for quite a long while, so it was about time I tried them for myself. I'm not kidding when I say...

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD

Is it a Coincidence?

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD | October 25, 2010 | Animals, Health

Read More: animal rights, animal suffering, going veg with the plant-based dietitian, julieanna hever, optimal health, veganism, whole food plant-based diet

Is it a coincidence??? That the human body suffers when the animals' do? Is it coincidence??? That our body responds to the torture and slaughter of innocent lives in kind by offering little more than torture and an untimely...

Chef AJ

Caramel Apples! Raw and Sugar Free!!!

Chef AJ | October 24, 2010 | Food, Health

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 Who needs sugar when you can make the most delicious no cook caramel apples you whole family will love.  This recipe is quick, easy, delicious and nutritious!!!      ...

Bryanna Clark Grogan


Bryanna Clark Grogan | October 23, 2010 | Food, International

Read More: beans, butter beans, fat-free vegan gravy, giant lima beans, gigante beans, small red beans, white kidney beans

  New Orleans-Style White BeansLast week I posted about beans and how food science can give you more options for cooking beans, or cooking them faster, maybe even make them tastier. I also posted a photo album of bean dishes I "have...

Michael Greger MD

Frankenfish and Screamer Disease

Michael Greger MD | October 19, 2010 | Animals

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently considering the approval of the first transgenic farm animal for human consumption, the AquAdvantage Salmon. Genetically engineered for rapid growth with two stretches of foreign DNA--a growth hormone gene with an antifreeze...

Bryanna Clark Grogan


Bryanna Clark Grogan | October 16, 2010 | Food

Read More: beans, black beans, Border beans, cooking beans, pinto beans, salt, soaking beans

"Border Beans"I'm late blogging this week, I know. Too many things going on at once! But I spent much of the day today doing some cooking. I made my homemade low-fat mayonnaise, black bean soup, and tofu onion dip to eat...

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D.

Unlocking the Secret to Health Improvement

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. | October 13, 2010 | Health

Americans, including most health care professionals, are very misinformed about nutrition and health, which leads to a lot of confusion and frustration.  Many people with degenerative conditions have tried dietary improvement and have decided that it does not work.  But...

John Davis

Bali Beautiful

John Davis | October 12, 2010 | International

The Jakarta IVU Congress last week was a huge success, one of the best ever, then some of us went on to the beautiful island of Bali. Thursday Oct 7 - flew from Jakarta to Bali on Air Asia, then...

Janice Stanger, PhD

Why Apples Really Are Your Best Medicine

Janice Stanger, PhD | October 10, 2010 | Food

Read More: antioxidants, apples, phytochemicals, whole foods

Nutrition and Health Thrive with An Apple a Day So many nutrition myths are untrue, even downright harmful. Yet the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" has important clues to staying healthy and thin. This popular fruit...

Bryanna Clark Grogan


Bryanna Clark Grogan | October 9, 2010 | Food

Read More: Canadian Thanksgiving, lobster mushrooms, mushrooms, Thai pineapple fried rice, Thanksgiving

Lobster mushrooms we picked on the way back from our morning walk a few days agoThis going to be a quick one because I had a busy week of writing (sent the manuscript off in the middle of the night,...

Chef AJ

Meet "The Chef and The Dietitian"

Chef AJ | October 8, 2010 | Celebrities, Health

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Come meet Chef AJ and Julieanna Hever, the Plant Based Dietitian on Thursday, October 14th at Tony's Darts Away in Burbank.  (  They serve vegan food and will be airing our episode of "Kick-Off Cookoff" on all three of their...

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

When We Have The Need To Teach People A Lesson It Is We Who Have Much To Learn

Walter Jacobson, M.D. | October 6, 2010 | Lifestyle

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Despite it being understandable that, amidst our anger, frustration and sense of injustice, we might get pleasure from fantasy thoughts about a guy's house burning down because he didn't want to pay his fair share, it is unacceptable that thoughts...

Vegparadise Blog

Vegetarians in a Stew over Gaga

Vegparadise Blog | October 5, 2010 | Celebrities

Burning the Koran or wearing a dress fashioned from raw meat--what's the difference? Both deeds are designed to attract the attention of the media, anger a large number of people, and become the subject of the next day's and week's...

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D.

Never, Ever Give Up or Lose Hope!

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. | October 5, 2010 | Health

Read More: Bill Clinton, CNN, heart disease, John McDougall, Wolf Blitzer

During the last few weeks, former President Clinton notified the world that he was eating a plant-based diet in two interviews on CNN. Subsequently Drs. Esselstyn and Ornish appeared on Wolf Blitzer's show on CNN to talk about the merits...

John Davis

Jakarta Jamboree

John Davis | October 5, 2010 | International

The main part of the 39th IVU World Veg Congress in Jakarta, Indonesia, has now ended. So this is just a personal view of the last five days. I've had the privilege of staying at the home of Susianto, IVU...

Bryanna Clark Grogan


Bryanna Clark Grogan | October 1, 2010 | Food

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Steamed baby green beans and patty pan squash with Tofu "Bacon"The other day I revisited a recipe from my very first cookbook, "The Almost No-fat Cookbook"-- a simple recipe for Tofu "Bacon". I hadn't made it for a long time,...