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   VegSource Interactive, Inc. | Homeschool Discussion Board Rules

Homeschool Discussion Board Rules
Why was my post deleted?

Actually, a very small percentage of posts are removed from the boards. But when it’s your post, it feels like 100%. So why was it deleted?

Repeated or severe rules violations may result in losing posting privileges.

Click on question to be taken to answer below:
1. Was it actually deleted?
2. What’s been deleted shall not be repeated.
3. Vegetarian only, please
4. Going around the blocks – good exercise at home, bad form on the messageboard
5. Spam – in a can or on the board, it’s a no-no.
6. Be nice – Flames belong in the Flame Room
7. Banned topics – the very brief list of topics that are restricted or off limits.
8. Trolls are restricted to the area under the bridge.
9. No selling or buying on the discussion boards, please
10. No MLM selling, promoting or recruiting.
11. Halt! Who goes there? No anonymous or impersonating posts, please.
12. Our guests are generous folks, but please don’t test it. Do not post requests for donations or conduct surveys on our boards, please. (Polls are okay)
13. Can’t post? Talk to us about that.

1. Was your post actually deleted? There are a couple of other reasons it might not be there. VegSource has more than 100 messageboards. It’s easy to misremember which board you posted on. Another possibility is that you didn’t actually post it. Recently, we added a mandatory preview feature to the boards. This was added to prevent computerized spamming programs from posting. Before, when you finished typing up your post, you had a choice of “Preview Post” or “Post Without Preview.” Now there is only “Preview Post.” If you are in the habit of selecting “post without preview,” you may have clicked on “Preview Post” and forgotten to click the “submit” button after previewing. (back to top)

2. What’s been deleted shall not be repeated. Okay, so you’re positive you posted it on this board. And now it’s gone. What do you do? The one thing you should not do is post the same thing again. The monitor will only delete a post if there’s a reason. You should be able to the reason in this list. If you can’t find it or if you’re unsure, please fill out the contact form. (back to top)

3. VegSource.com is a vegetarian site. You don’t have to be vegetarian to post here. In fact, we welcome non-vegetarians to join us and get to know us. But we do ask that you respect the fact that it’s a veg site by not posting or requesting menus, recipes, shopping tips, etc that include meat. (Note: Writing “chicken” as “ch**ken” isn’t an appropriate way to get around this rule. The problem isn’t the name of the animal in the post – it’s the animal on the plate.) (back to top)

4. Going around the blocks – good exercise at home, bad form on the boards. Did you see a screen with a picture of a butler and a note saying it looks like you need help with your post? That screen appears when you’ve put something in your message that is blocked. It can be a word, phrase, or a link. 99.999999999% of all words, phrases and links are fine to post, but if we’ve blocked it, it’s for a good reason. If you try to “trick” the block file by altering the text (eg: changing badsite.com to b-a-d-s-I-t-e-dot-com), the monitor will remove your post. Sometimes, a post with no problem text in it will accidentally set off the block file. If you think that’s what happened and it must be a mistake, please fill out the contact form giving the exact text of your post, including any email addresses and/or links, and we’ll check to see what the problem is.(back to top)

5. Spam. Whether it’s in a can or in a post, it’s a no-no here. The vast majority of web links are permitted, but please don’t use our boards to promote your site, service, or product (or your friend’s site, service or product). (Please note spam includes chain letters. No chain letters. Really.)

A special note for homeschoolers: Periodically, the publisher or seller of a curriculum or other homeschooling product will decide to drum up some business by spamming the boards. If they post “Buy my program!” that’s spam and it’s removed. But at least it’s honest spam and you know it’s a sales pitch when you see it. What really makes us mad is when the seller of a curriculum or other product comes on the boards and pretends to be homeschooling moms who just LOVE this item, can’t live without it, and you just gotta get it! We’ve seen them post with up to a dozen different names. This is just simply reprehensible – no better than stealing – and will not be tolerated. Homeschooling families often have to make many sacrifices to be able to educate their children. Some of our guests are in difficult financial situations and cannot afford to make mistakes in buying expensive items. When they ask for advice or opinions, they need to be able to trust that the information offered is honest and heartfelt – not a dishonest sales pitch from someone whose main concern is getting them to open their wallets. (back to top)

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6. Be nice – Flames belong in the Flame Room. We all disagree with each other occasionally and that’s fine. The world would be a pretty dull place if we all thought exactly alike. But when disagreements melt down to personal attacks or escalate into a flame war, the monitor may zap it away (unless it’s in the Flame Room or the HomeSchool Issues Board). (back to top)

7. Banned topics – the very brief list of topics that are restricted or off limits. Just about anything can be discussed at VegSource, though we ask you not to stray too far off-topic on a topic-specific board. But we don’t want – and our guests don’t want – every board to be taken up with heated arguments. So certain topics, because of the inflammatory nature of the discussion, are limited to certain boards or not permitted at all.

· Abortion. If you want to discuss abortion, the only place at VegSource equipped for this very hot topic is the Flame Room.

· Sexuality. If you want to discuss sexual orientation, take it to the Flame Room.

· Politics. Political discussions are limited to the HomeSchool Issues Board and the Flame Room.

· There is a common belief that spanking is a banned topic. It is not. But because of the controversial nature of the subject and the strong feelings many people have, spanking threads tend to devolve into flame wars fairly predictably and rapidly – and flame wars are restricted to the Flame Room.

· .Guns. There is no board at VegSource where the subject of guns may be discussed. This means both sides of the issue – whether you’re a card-carrying NRA member or a crusader for gun control, do not use VS boards to make your case. (back to top)

8. Trolls are restricted to the area under the bridge. A troll is a person who posts on a messageboard with the intent of causing trouble. While that seems a little vague, we’ve been doing this a long time and know a troll when we see one. Unless they are very amusing, our tolerance level is pretty low. If you suddenly appear on a board – other than the Flame Room – attacking the other guests, the board itself, or the site, expect to see your posts disappear. Keep it up and ~poof!~ you will disappear. (back to top)

9. Selling. The only boards on which any selling of any kind is permitted are the swap boards. Any posts offering to sell or buy on the discussion boards will be removed. (back to top)

10. If you are a distributor/sales rep/consultant for a an MLM company, an MLM company that swears it’s not an MLM company, or any company that encourages you to recruit others to sell their product or service, you can’t do it here unless you are part of our Dealer Program. (back to top)

11. On some of our boards, guests like to play around with using odd names or even each other’s names. This is all in the spirit of fun and doesn’t involve any real effort to deceive. We have no problem with that. We know our Star Wars names, our Pirate names, and our Captain Underpants names as well as anyone does. But impersonating others with the intent to deceive and/or disguising your originating gateway by the use of anonymizers or other methods is not permitted. (back to top)

12. Please do not ask for donations, or conduct “surveys,” or try to use our discussion boards to develop material for your own books or projects (this includes homework!) without our prior approval. There is no way for us to validate whether a given person, survey, charity or project is valid. They probably are, but it’s just too easy for a scammer to come in and try to pick up an extra fifty bucks or try to collect personal information from our generous guests. The only exceptions permitted are any of the non-profit organizations which VegSource sponsors and which are listed on our front page. If you wish to conduct some sort of survey for school or commercial purposes, you must get permission from Vegsource to do so. (back to top)

13. If you’re having problems posting on one or more of the VegSource boards, please fill out this contact form (For best results, please be sure to read and follow all of the instructions on the contact form) Do not post your request on one of the boards. Our guests are some of the nicest people on the Internet and they’d love to help you, but they can’t. Often, with the best of intentions and a genuine desire to be helpful, they give wrong answers. (back to top)



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